Lobster with wild rice and tomatoes (1990)

Lobster with wild rice and tomatoes (1990)
Chef: Savino Mongelli
Country: Italy
City: 12060 Pollenzo (Cuneo)
Address: via Fossano, 19
(+39) 0172458422

After having earned his distinguished reputation at La Noce di Volpiano, considered to be one of the best fish restaurants in Italy, Savino Mongelli moved to Pollenzo with his companion Marcella Assandri, where he runs the kitchen together with Ugo Alciati. Here, he proposes the dishes that made him famous: the legendary fish fry, sea bass ravioli, eggplant and prawn pastry and this superb steamed red spiny lobster with wild rice, tomatoes, Tropea onion and zucchini.