Brandade de Nîmes with squid (1993)

Brandade de Nîmes with squid (1993)
Chef: Michel Kayser
Country: France
City: 30128 Garons (Nîmes)
Address: 2, rue Xavier-Tronc
(+33) 0466700899

Michel Kayser is an excellent interpreter of traditional Languedoc-Roussillon recipes. Proof of this is in his exemplary version of Brandade de Nîmes: the Charlotte potatoes, cooked in coarse salt, crushed and perfumed with cilantro flowers; the cod, de-salted for a long time and then steamed and sliced; the squid, lightly blanched. The ensemble is dressed with an oil, lemon and fish fumet emulsion; finally, it is garnished with a few potato chips.