Alberto Viganò
Alberto Viganò
Country: Italy
City: 20136 Milán
Address: Via Pavia, 8
(+39) 0258108230
Closed: Sundays and August
Price: 35/60 €
Tasting menu:: 26, 35 y 50 €

  • Arroz negro
  • Arroz negro
  • Drácula
  • Drácula

The inclusion of this novice restaurant in lomejordelagastronomia.com is a risky bet on the future but one that the owner, Mauricio Besozzi, definitely deserves. An amateur gourmet who after years of gastronomic militancy decided to take up the occupation of restaurateur, a job he now alternates with his other profession as an accountant. Also worthy of the inclusion is Alberto Viganò, the prodigious young chef who has been called to stardom, with time on his side. In keeping with their character, the project fits with the name of the establishment, and is very original: a creative, informal bistro that offers an innovative, eclectic cuisine inspired by distinct sources, defined by excitement, research, a modern perspective and generosity. The effort is noticeable, even in regard to the quantities served.
Here, the diner can choose between four tasting menus: “La Cenetta”, “Io Degusto”, “Io Degusto Vegetariano” and “Foie Gras, Mon Amour”, with a variety of prices respective of the menu chosen. The option to pair the courses with wines is 10 € more. Honestly, eating at this restaurant is a real bargain. Except for the first tasting menu, which is comprised of a half dozen dishes, the rest are 11 courses each.
1.“Chips de yuca”, a scattering of non-oily crispy potato-like hors d’oeuvres. Nice.
2.“Posillipo”. A traditional Italian concept in the shape of a small gazpacho. A shot of tomato with basil gelatin and parmesan foam. Impeccable Adrià spirit.
3.“Insalata d´inverno”. A bowl of fresh garden vegetables overflowing with glazed chestnuts, cheese, pear and muesli. A marvelous way of passing the border between starters and desserts.
4.“Capasanta con platano fritto”. A dizzying combination with banana, onion, eggplant…
5.“Pappadums”. A spectacular crispy sheet made of lentils with prawns, mushrooms and vegetables.
6.“Riso Nero Thay”. A fantastic dish of venere rice with sautéed vegetables and a sesame-ginger sauce.
7.“Dado di tonno rosso ala piastra”. Natural red tuna, simply accompanied by sun-dried tomatoes and onion confiture.
8.“Guanciale di manzo”. Sublime herb-perfumed pork cheek with red wine.
9.“Drácula”. Strawberries with almond-perfumed foam of cream and candy powder that playfully explodes in the mouth.
10.“Paula”. A soft chocolate sponge cake with pear, cream ice cream and unusual caramel.
11.“Tartufi di cioccolato”. Pretentious and alluring.

Unfortunately, so much knowledge, effort, generosity and value do not justify the use of mediocre ingredients which take away from their work. Perhaps instead of scallops, prawns, blue fin tuna, etc. they should use more humble products of greater freshness and quality. If they can resolve this, the future of this restaurant will be radiant.