White Asparagus Tips - La Catedral de Navarra

Viuda de Cayo Saínz

Country: Spain
City: 31587 Mendavia (Navarra)
Address: Virgen de Legarda, 66
(+34) 948685000
Price: 7,50 € for 370 g jar

The finest of white asparagus, the tip and its adjacent part, accounting for approximately a third of each piece. With a color like that of marble and a medium-large thickness (a caliber of 8-12) they are free of excesses in size, which have negative repercussions in texture and flavor. Cleanly cut with a knife, creamy, with a firm consistency, not quite reaching al dente. They offer an astonishingly natural flavor of the actual vegetable, in no way associated with the preserve, expressing earthy, sweet and bitter notes with hints of citrus – remarkably delicate.