Santa Teresa Quince

Yemas de Santa Teresa, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Address: Chile, 10. Edif. Madrid 92
(+34) 916369260
Price: €2.45 for a 170 g terrine

The symbol of the highest quality quince in the world. It combines the greatest artisanal tradition with two ruling concepts in modern gastronomy: naturalness and lightness. In other words, this is an industrially produced homemade product that has greatly increased in fruit content (61%) and diminished in sugar (39%). The result is that the quince is chewy with a transparent, immaculate, pure flavor in which the fruit and acidity are perfectly compensated by sweetness. With a meaty texture, combining the slight harshness of the quince seed with the slight juiciness of the syrup. Caramelized orange in tone. Made with fresh fruit year-round, mainly from Spain and from Chile and Argentina in winter. Packaged in blocks of 8.2 and 2.9kg, sold when cut, as well as in terrines of 250 and 400g.