Natural Santa Margherita Goat Cheese


Country: Italy
City: 53014 Monteroni D´Arbia (Si). Villa de Corsano.
Address: Via de Colle, 711.
(+39) 0577377101
Price: Around 28 € per kilo

Few cheeses exist in this world that are so exquisite, elegant and balanced. There is a depth of flavor, substance, heart-stopping nobility… splendidly expressing the identity of the raw goat milk and, at the same time, supreme refinement and well-rounded flavor. That intense, natural lactic depth, so artisan, so velvety, is what makes this cheese exceptional. Moreover, it leaves the mouth full, with long, succulent lactic memories that linger long after it is gone. A creamy, dense, soft and fatty texture.
This same company produces up to 10 varieties of goat cheese, changing the shapes and aromas: smoked, fennel, sesame, black pepper, herbs, etc., sold in quantities between 70 and 200 g.