Le Guérandais sel Gris de Guérande coarse salt

S.A. Les Salines De Guérande-Le Guérandais

Country: France
City: 44353 Guérande Cedex
Address: Pradel B.P. 5315
(+33) 0240620125
Price: 5 € a 750g package

Without a doubt, the best salt in the world is gathered by hand in the salt marshes near Guérande, Brittany, then dried by the sun and wind. Its main characteristic is its grey color. Le Guérandais salt shines with great intensity, intentionally maintained to preserve the particles of clay as well as the aroma and flavor of dunaliella salina algae. It has a full oceanic, absolutely natural flavor that prevents it from harming or burning the seasoned ingredients, and a grainy, crystalline texture.