Chocolat Pierre Hermé

Chocolat Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé

Country: France
City: 75006 París
Address: 72, rue Bonaparte
(+33) 0143544777
Price: About 9.40 and 18.00€ for 100 and 200 g assortment

Four characteristics mark the difference in the chocolates of Pierre Hermé, a professional in a league of his own. First, the nobility of the raw materials used. Second, the techniques used to bring out the best in the cacao. A third element lies in the gustative refinement he projects. A last thing to point out is his creative capacity, which allows him to produce innovative, exotic, and always exquisite flavors.
The best thing to do is to go for the assortment, which is available in different sizes, and thus be able to choose in accordance with personal taste. Regardless, and even with greater or less successes, the talent and virtuosity of this pastry artist are always evident. Included are the Mogador with the freshness of passion fruit, Balthasar with the perfume of cinnamon, Lou with the strong character of ginger, Ispahan with the fragrances of roses and lychees, and Intense with the purity of chocolate… gourmandises without equal in the bonbon world.