Chian’a Ficu Mediterranean Pesto with Tuna and Fennel

Chian’a Ficu

Country: Italy
City: 90141 Palermo
Address: Via Mariano Stabile, 200
(+39) 091329675
Price: € 10 for a 290g jar

A sauce with quite a bit of character, very Italian, from the south, rustic and primary. The up to 14 ingredients are mashed into a dense paste: Mediterranean bluefin tuna (19.16%), wild fennel (9.58%), extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, red pepper, Sicilian capers, chili pepper cream, garlic, basil, parsley, mint, oregano, black pepper and salt. With so many elements that are so well balanced, it is difficult to pinpoint flavors—the fish is noticeable, as is the mild heat of the spices; the fragrances of the herbs, giving it complexity and freshness; and the unctuousness of the oil. Among its many applications, it can be diluted in hot water to make a good sauce for all types of pasta.