Calamari Strips With Scallion Broth And Squid InkFagollaga

Cintas de calamar con caldo de cebolleta y tinta negra
Chef: Isaac Salaberria
Country: España
City: 20120 Hernani (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Ctra. de Goizueta, 68. Barrio Ereñozu.
(+34) 943550031

A lucid reinvention and symbiosis of two legendary Basque dishes: baby squid in its ink and a lo Pelayo (stuffed with vegetables). Though the essences of both recipes are preserved, they are substantially renovated through a modern system of concepts and techniques. In other words, the traditional manner in which these dishes were prepared, stewing the main ingredients and the sauces together (a technique in disuse today in haute cuisine), yields to new approaches that preserve and strengthen the purity and texture of the calamari. In this version the calamari no longer bestow their flavor on the ensemble, but instead conserve their poignant, sweet characteristics. In a parallel way, two different consistencies are presented: one soft, from the rawness of the calamari, and another firm from its cooking with the vegetables – escalating sensations. The colorful aspect of this dish is also much more striking than the traditional versions.
The tentacles, cut into small pieces, are prepared with the onion, green pepper and garlic; a variant of the Pelayo version. The bodies of the squids are cut into strips and cooked at low temperature: in oil at 60 º C for 50 min. They are served tepid over a mountain of the vegetables and tentacles. The sauce is served in a shot glass: black consommé made with scallions, chicken stock, dried octopus and the inks. History exceeded in accordance with the times.

The Recipe

Calamari Strips With Scallion Broth And Squid InkFagollaga

  • 1 kg fresh calamari
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 green pepper
  • 200 cc. olive oil
  • chopped chives



Meticulously clean the calamari. Cut the tentacles into a brunoise and set the body aside. Cook the chopped onion and green pepper on very low heat for 40 min. Add the tentacles and continue to cook for 50 more min. Adjust the salt. Cut the calamari bodies into very thin strips as if they were linguine. Place the olive oil into a recipient and heat to a stable 60º C. Submerge the calamari strips in the oil and cook for 50 min. Keep warm.


Scallion and ink soup

  • Scallion and ink soup
  • 1 l chicken stock
  • 4 green onions (we keep the green part for use in other recipes)
  • 30 g dried octopussquid ink
  • salt


Scallion and ink soup:Cut the scallions into a fine julienne. Sweat the scallions in a covered pan with a few drops of oil for 15 min, taking care not to brown them. Drain the oil and add the rest of the ingredients. Cook together, on very low heat, for 4 hours. Let the broth sit for 12 hours. Strain the broth and adjust seasoning. Add a little sugar if necessary.



ASSEMBLYPlace a bit of the stewed calamari on a deep plate. Follow with some tepid strips of calamari, a little chopped chives and one chervil leaf. Serve the scallion and ink soup in a shot glass.