Seaweed, aromatic herb and root salad (2004)

Seaweed, aromatic herb and root salad (2004)
Il Canto
Chef: Paolo Lopriore
Country: Italy
City: 53100 Siena
Address: Strada di Certosa 82
(+39) 0577288180

1 head leaf lettuce, 4 leaves common sorrel, 4 leaves Good King Henry, 4 leaves French watercress, 4 sprigs rue , 4 radishes, 4 leaves Chinese mustard, 16 sprigs chervil, 12 grams ginger confit, 1 nori seaweed sheet, julienned, 4 grams wasabi paste, various edible flowers. These are the ingredients for four servings of this extraordinary “dressing-less salad” conceived by Paolo Lopriore. A minimalist masterpiece.