Green rice with olive oil (2006)

Green rice with olive oil (2006)
Chef: Bernd H. Knöller
Country: Spain
City: 46005 Valencia
Address: Conde Altea 18
(+34) 96 3335353

The Bomba rice here is accompanied by sliced cod cooked sous-vide for 12 minutes at 52ºC/126ºF, with morels, shallots, chicken stock, sage pesto, thyme, oregano, fennel, chives and parsley. It is then covered with an olive oil emulsion and finished with an arugula salad and mustard leaves. Bernd Knöller, the old chef at El Ángel Azul, of German origin, opened the Riff in 2001. It is also located in Valencia where he proposes a postmodern cuisine with Mediterranean inspiration.