Piccolo Lago

Marco Sacco
Marco Sacco
Country: Italy
City: 28924 Fondotoce-Lago i Mergozzo
Address: Via Filippo Turati, 87
(+39) 0323586792
Closed: Mondays, sundays evening in winter, January and one week in November
Price: 90 €
Tasting menu:: 85/105 €

  • Acuarela de arroz Carnaroli madursdo tres años, cocinado cremoso con azafrán, la
  • Acuarela de arroz Carnaroli madursdo tres años, cocinado cremoso con azafrán, langostinos de agua dulce en costra de caparazón y salsa de polenta quemada
  • Carbonara al Koque
  • Carbonara al Koque

An authentic restaurant run by the Sacco brothers - Marco dedicating himself to the kitchen while Carlo oversees the dining room and wine cellar - where precision and rigor come first; the spectrum of taste, the traditional flavors, and the evolution of forms exemplify so many fine qualities that make the diner feel content. When tasting the breads, such as the focaccia or the parmigiano-reggiano bread, one appreciates the immense culture driving its creation and the meticulousness of the preparation process. The aromas of wood impregnated by the char-grilled roasts of fish or meats, and the complex and evolved formulas that derive, capture the heart. Restraint is always exercised; everything is weighed up. One finds him/herself confronted with an original cuisine, compliant with its idiosyncrasy. A cuisine which is therefore profound within modernity.

The Mergozzo lake trout hamburger, lightly smoked by Marco, sprinkled with bread crumbs in balsamic vinegar, with onion tempura and dill, paprika and curry mayonnaises, splendidly explains the philosophy of the house: conventional flavors, innovative preparation, the abundance of elements and labor, exhaustive adornment… with flavor, richness, and quality as common denominators. Another typical recipe with character and dazzling counterpoints: the Bettelmatt cheese flan with light pear mustard and spiced blueberry sauce. The potato gnocchi, accompanied by Bettelmatt cheese and garlic and parsley escargots, embody the most simple, succulent and ancestral delights, offering an undemanding, immense satisfaction. The pasta is stimulating: the Paccheri with scallops, tomato and basil, or the tagliatelle of chestnut flour with their unique flavor and texture that come adorned with lavaret, scallions and smoked Mascarpa cheese. Undoubtedly a pinnacle moment for all self-respecting gourmets.

Close attention should be paid to the lake fish: the lavaret with funghi, herbal mousse, and gelatin; the steamed pikeperch with rhubarb compote and carrot puree; the twice cooked eel with braised endive and beef juices with citric aromas - always expressive, always juicy, and always exuberant. And not for the world itself should one miss the immaculate carré of grilled lamb, impeccably prepared, with a bread and parsley crust and a pâté of its own liver, sweetbreads and juices… inimitable.

In addition, the restaurant, located on lake Mergozzo, with wonderful views, offers the affable, very professional conduct by Carlo.