Dal Pescatore

Nadia Santini
Nadia Santini
Country: Italy
City: 46013 Mantova
Address: Runate, 17. Canneto S/OI
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, midday Wednesdays, from 1/1 to 1/21 and 8/15 to 9/9
Price: 150/210 €
Tasting menu:: 130 €

  • Tortelli de pecorino toscano, ricotta y Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Tortelli de pecorino toscano, ricotta y Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Anguila del Lago de Garda en escabeche con perfume de naranja
  • Anguila del Lago de Garda en escabeche con perfume de naranja

Antonio Santini has created a stately mansion in the heart of the countryside, with discreet luxury in which one breathes, even inhales, nature and the natural. The countryside and the atmosphere place the diner in a paradise of dreams and submerge him in an ideal world. Few restaurants distill such a wonderful grappa. Not in Italy—this is the best establishment in the country, along with La Pergola—nor… well, save for one or another Parisian palace.

Nadia’s cuisine is monastic, virginal, divine in its beliefs. Sustained in centuries-old traditions, for which she feels true adoration: she projects them with archangelic palatal and health-conscious immaculateness. History and simplicity are expressed with few words, in a deep and homogenous message that is difficult to question. Sensibility, delicacy and harmony are auras surrounding each dish. The chef takes no license with fidelity, save for an inspired stroke here and there. In such a way that she expresses her originality by perfuming with utmost subtlety, with scarcely a touch, and always captivating—concrete, relatively similar structures that are, in general, of popular origin. An herb, some lemon zest… even the smallest elements come to make all the difference in a recipe. In each creation, she communicates the innate gift of good taste—of a supernatural palate gifted by divine providence. Herein lies her greatness.

The recipes and gustative references inspire all of the preparations, refined and lightened to indescribability with heartrending infallibility, especially in the themes that make up the Italian cultural heritage. The pasta, risottos, and eel are made celestial by human hands. The Parmigiano-Reggiano and butter tuiles—crispy, sculptural, and extremely flavorful—incite one to nibble while praising the cheese and she who has magnified it. The Ricotta, Burrata and Parmesan tortelli are a demonstration of creaminess and lactic substance. The pumpkin tortelli, enriched by fruit salad, with the bitter counterpoint of ground almonds, represent a sweet overindulgence in savory cooking: brilliant. The saffron thread risotto with fried artichokes has many facets: delicacy, purity, fragrance, simplicity… impeccable. The eel needs various tastings: fried and crispy with lemon zest, it is as charming as when it arrives gelatinous and oily, sautéed (alla griglia) with radicchietto, or in carpione with blood orange perfume.

Other preparations that have helped make this cuisine universal are the tomato, eggplant and basil flour compote; the agnoli in chicken broth; the mushroom, pea and pumpkin flour risotto; the roast Cinta Senese suckling pig, and the selection of fruits.

The most genuine and renowned cuisine of mamma mia.