Auberge de la Galupe

Stéphane Rouville
Stéphane Rouville
Country: France
City: 64240 Urt
Address: Port d´Urt
(+33) 0559562184
Closed: Sunday nights and Wednesdays, and Tuesdays from October to March
Price: 80/140 €
Tasting menu:: 77 €

  • Anguilas
  • Anguilas
  • Lubina con espárragos trigueros
  • Lubina con espárragos trigueros

Stéphane Rouville is a professional who was forged in front of the rings. His knowledge astounds and a solid foundation is appreciated in his preparations. He has a marvelous understanding of cuisine, but there is also love, vocation and coherence in his manner of being and his understanding of life: serene, calm, but not static. His style is modern classic. The formulas are not impregnated with an overly impacting imagination, but rather are supported by knowledge, technique, elegance and harmony. The goal of the chef is to be honest (the products are magnificent), meticulous and provide satisfaction, which he achieves on all fronts. Not to mention the admiration he receives… We have here a simple artisan, coherent and content, who is paid to do what he feels and likes in life. Thus, the cuisine is offered to be enjoyed by his guests – but it is created more to convince than to surprise.

They have created a system of choice for all likes and availabilities. You can choose a certain number of dishes at a fixed price, from 38-68 €, or the full tasting menu at 77 €. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure of the copious nature of the dishes here… an abundance that starts with the hors d’oeuvres and culminates in the petits fours. The biscuit of morcilla (blood sausage) and apple, which arrives after several puff pastries and sliced meats, satiates the palate with flavor and succulence. The terrine of foie gras is refined, creamy and subtly seasoned, phenomenal both for the quality of the liver as well as the preparation, accompanied by an exceptional hazelnut and grape bread… urging you to indulge. The fried Adour eel, with its crispy exterior and juicy center, is offered with parsley juice and a garlic confit cream – stupendous in its simplicity. The lamprey à la bordelaise, fished fresh from the Adour river, is considerably memorable for its orthodox preparation: a large, beautiful piece, gelatinous, unbelievably flavorful, with a precise doneness that exalts its intrinsic qualities and a luscious red wine sauce prepared with its blood which the guests may serve to their liking. The Basque suckling lamb, either the leg or noisettes (though the second option is preferable), served with quinoa, maintains the general tone of the restaurant.

Additional dishes of interest from the menu, which includes 13 proposals overall, are the special Marennes oysters gratin with Aquitania caviar, the grilled slipper lobster with garlic ravioli and sauce américaine and the southwestern foie gras with apple and Jurançon sauce.

It’s good to see that the business has been consolidated here after the new ownership took over in 2002… and the future is looking bright.