Terrine D’Oie Au Houblon Et À La Fleur De Bière Culture Bière

Culture Bière

Country: France
City: París
Address: 65 Champs Elysées.
(+33) 0142568888
Price: 6,5 € 120 g jar

This product is actually made for the restaurant Les Foies Gras de Saulzoir, rue du Vieil Escaut, 59300 Valenciennes (tel.: + (33) 327494910) by this famous Parisian establishment dedicated to beer (Culture Bière). Located on the Champs Elysées where they have a boutique, bookstore, bar, terrace and bistro, it certainly merits a gastronomic visit. From their shelves comes this fine, traditional delicacy consisting of a typical goose terrine, enriched with pork then further enhanced by the addition of the beer which, though playing a minor role, brings an acidic, bitter touch to the succulence of the goose, with delicious results.