Seafood Glaze More Than Gourmet

More Than Gourmet Europe B.V.

Country: Netherland
City: 1251 LV Laren, N-H
Address: Molenaar 19
(+31) 0355310053
Price: 31,90 € for 450 g

This company produces an infinity of concentrates, among which the finest are the essence of mushroom and the seafood glaze. It requires the reduction – 20 times, in fact – of a base of classic shellfish with lobster, shrimp, crab and fish. Converted into a glaze, it is then used by incorporating water first; the instructions recommend 10 times the amount of liquid to the volume of concentrate, depending on the intensity of flavor desired. After heating it up, it turns into a lovely consommé with an abundant, resolved taste, an attractive translucence and a truly pure flavor.

From there it can be served alone, accompanied by shellfish and vegetables, as a stock for rice or as a base for sauces.

It is marketed, aside from the quantity noted above (450 g), in small packets of 45 g or in large containers of 4.5 and 24 kg for restaurants.