Iberian Pork Head By Frial


Country: Spain
City: 28760 Madrid
Address: Pol. Ind. Tres Cantos. Avda. de los Artesanos, 32.
(+34) 918034142
Price: 11 € per kilo

The star product of a company that has distinguished itself by preserving the artisan quality of cold cuts through industrialization. The limited volume of production, low-temperature preparation and the quality of the raw product are the determining factors here. This “boar’s head”, as it was traditionally known, differentiates itself first by its use of Iberian pork, affording it its distinct flavor, as well as by the nobility of the cuts in the selection – cheeks and tongue – that appear seasoned with green specks of pistachio and a rosy, fatty, uniform character that is very attractive. These elements are immaculately reflected on the palate; tender, juicy and flavorful, infused with a light aftertaste of spice and pepper that aromatizes the product and gives it character without altering its essential nature.

It may be served as an antipasto, cold and thinly sliced, or heated in the oven up to 80º C at a thickness of 1 cm, or even served as a dish with some sort of garnish to accompany it.