Baby squid risotto with carpaccio and ink sauce

Risotto  de chipirones con su carpaccio y salsa negra .
Chef: Iván Sáez
Country: España
City: 28015 Madrid
Address: San Bernardino, 13
(+34) 915412026

Often the most simple things can be the most extraordinary. That is certainly the case with this recipe, intellectualizing a traditional dish in keeping with the set of values of contemporary haute cuisine. A superb baby squid risotto, academically prepared, covered by a carpaccio made from the same cephalopod, or of normal squid, strengthening the dish with its raw nature, beautifying the plate, accompanied by a few ribbons of squid ink. It is presented without altering the traditional sense of the dish, but with a new color and texture, converting it into a distinguished, elegant construc...