Chipirones a la plancha con salsa negra y de tomate
Esther Álvarez y Tomás Fernández
Country: Spain
City: 26360 Fuenmayor (La Rioja)
Address: Pza. Félix Azpilicueta, 1.
(+34) 941450044
Closed: Sunday night and Monday, August
Price: 70/110 €
Tasting menu::

Esther Álvarez and Tomás Fernández’s restaurant has made a qualitative leap from what it has always been. For starters, the ingredients have gone from extraordinary to virtually exceptional. Having such good ingredients is difficult—be they meats, fish or vegetables—and Tomás speaks of them with true passion and knowledge. Superior quality that is accentuated on the grill, where he broils with intuition and experience. The beef chop, the glorification of the cow—whether it be the rib eye or the sirloin—makes the grade....