La Calma

Panceta ibérica con cigalas y ajada
Alberto Hernández
Country: Spain
City: 37001 Salamanca.
Address: Plaza Santa Eulalia, 11
(+34) 923281236
Closed: Sunday nights, Tuesdays and two weeks in the middle of August.
Price: 60/90 €
Tasting menu:: 45 €

La Calma was inaugurated in February of 2005 by two associates, Alberto Hernández, the chef, and Alfredo Matayano, who looks after the business side of the establishment. In a very short period of time they have succeeded in defining the project: a restaurant with a predominantly minimalist aesthetic and remarkably good taste offering an eminently contemporary cuisine. The chef, who trained at the famous Atrio restaurant (Cáceres), demonstrates an evolved style in his work here, furthered by an awe-inspiring consistency in his creations.