Green apples in aquavit

Green apples in aquavit
Osteria Poggio di Sotto
Chef: Carlo Paoli
Country: Italy
City: 50031 Galliano (Florencia)
Address: via Galliano, 15/a
(+39) 0558428654

Carlo Paoli is an unusual character that proposes authentic Tuscan cuisine to his guests. The menu varies depending on the availability of the products and the mood of the owner: finocchiona (Tuscan salami with fennel seeds), ham, ribollita (bean stew, red cabbage, onion and other vegetables), cabbage soup, ravioli, chicken stew, roast pork and pork chop a la fiorentina is all seen alternating on the menu of the Osteria. At the end of a meal, if the owner deems you worthy, he offers this small, still slightly green, preserved apple. A delicious rarity.