Fusilli stuffed with tricolor oil (2006)

Fusilli stuffed with tricolor oil (2006)
Casa Otano
Chef: Jesús Angel Iñigo Luri
Country: Spain
City: 31001 Pamplona
Address: San Nicolás, 5
(+34) 627099673

These “fusilli”, made from tomato water jelly, come in three versions: filled with pure olive oil, perfumed with red king prawns and seasoned with basil. The dish is accompanied by mozzarella filled with egg yolk and truffle juice covered with a colorful bronze layer and junket of ewe milk and Parmigiano-reggiano. The aesthetic impact is truly impressive. Founded in 1913, this restaurant/bar/hostel, Casa Otano, is a veritable institution of the old quarter in Pamplona.