Raw and peeled shrimps, sardine broth and breadcrumbs

La Ereta
Cuoco: Dani Frías
Nazionalita: España
Localita: 03001 Alicante.
Indirizzo: Parque de la Ereta
(+34) 965143250.

Dani Frías ’s constructions are synonymous with naturality, refinement, lightness as well as emotional and aesthetic art. Pertinently delicate, harmonious and sensitive, his imaginative and wise compositions reproduce well-known flavours that have been clearly renewed. Ingredients from Alicante and popular recipes are the components of his recipes, characterized by an unequivocal style: regional creative haute cuisine. This is the case of the raw and peeled shrimps from Santa Pola –superb, brimming with sweetness and delight– accompanied by oceanic cockles, onion segments, sprouts and toasted croutons, swimming all together into a translucent and exultant sardine broth. Conceptual and palatal purity seasoned with hints of talent.

La Ricetta


Ingredients for 10 servings:
80 shrimps
2 salted sardines
½ l water
10 g vegetal gelatin in powder
½ pan de Cristal (crunchy and porous bread)
3 spring onions
50 ml citrus infusion
Olive oil
4 arugula sprout
Soy lecithin
Remove the shrimps ‘ heads and peel.
Sauté the heads and peels, cover with water, cook for 15 minutes and strain with a weight in order to extract all the juice. Add 2-3 spoonfuls lecithin to the juice and mix. Set this mixture aside to make the air.
Infuse the sardines into the water, strain and add the vegetal gelatin in powder. Heat until boiling. Pour 15-20 g into a glass (depending on its size), let coagulate and cool down.
Make croutons with the Cristal bread
Cook the onion on the flame.
Make a gel with the citrus infusion and reduce (60 g/l).
Over the gelatin that will have previously coagulated in the dish, arrange 5 shrimps together with some onion segments, citrus gel and Cristal bread croutons. Top with a spoonful of air obtained with the use of a mixer or an aquarium oxygenator.