Pazo Señorans Selección de Añada 04

Pazo Señorans Selección de Añada 04
Pazo De Señorans, S.L.

Type: Blanco
Country: Spain
Region: Rias Baixas
City: 36616 Meis (Pontevedra)
Address: Vilanoviña, s/n
(+34) 986715373
Year established: 1989
Production (bottles): 300.000
Vineyard area: 8
Brands: Pazo de Señorans, Pazo de Señorans Selección de Añada, orujos Pazo de Señorans
Price: 24 €

The best wine ever made without using wood in Spain. An assertion based on much more than just a vintage, since it is already supported by many extraordinary ones. As a consequence, we can assert that this wine and its maker, Marisol Bueno, are making history.

We have here a painstakingly selected Albariño grape aged only in stainless steel for 36 months—a pioneer when it comes to understanding this type of wine in the region. Thus, it has infinite personality and extraordinary quality. Great olfactory and gustative concentration in which the fruit predominates, both acidic, such as apple and tropical, and very ripe, such as raisins, with notes of honey, dried apricots and quince, giving it a great richness of nuances. On the palate, its considerable body stands out, showing great life, as well as its gustative exuberance that reduces sweet, sour and bitter notes. Always elegant, harmonious and exuberant.
16,000 spectacular bottles.