La Sirena

Mari Carmen Velez
Mari Carmen Vélez
Country: Spain
City: 03610 Petrer (Alicante)
Address: Avda. de Madrid, 14
(+34) 965371718
Closed: Sunday evenings, Mondays, Holy Week and the last three weeks in August
Price: 70/130 €
Tasting menu:: 65 €

  • Canaillas y bacalao con geleé de naranja sanguina, flores, hojas y granizado de
  • Canaillas y bacalao con geleé de naranja sanguina, flores, hojas y granizado de té
  • Lomitos de bacalao con jugo de ceps
  • Lomitos de bacalao con jugo de ceps

The strength of this successful restaurant, and the reason why it has always enjoyed the support of the finest members of Alicante society, not to mention eager gourmets who travel far and wide for a visit, has been its seafood and rice dishes. Prawns, Norway lobster, langoustines, lobster, barnacles, clams, oysters, velvet and spider crab… all are excellent. One need only contemplate the sumptuous exhibition of fresh seafood at the entrance to be convinced. Undoubtedly, La Sirena is one of the finest seafood establishments in all of Spain. The arroz a banda is simply mandatory, if for no other reason than it is the best, by a clear margin, in the entire province of Valencia. The immaculate flavor of the fine cereal is venerated, added upon by an exultant saffron perfume, with an impeccable texture and consistency and a few delightful morsels that give the dish magnanimity without stealing the spotlight from the rice: shrimp and monkfish.

But the real story here is that Mari Carmen Velez has slipped over to modern haute cuisine. More creative dishes are found on the menu than ever before, with better structures, perfectly finished. It is a style that has taken on a more central role both in the supply as well as the demand. Her formulas are always supported by majestic raw products and ingredients to which she applies short, precise cooking times, resulting in dishes that are rich in nuances and visually beautiful. This is exactly the case for the “glacial oyster”: a large oyster that preserves its sapid integrity while being impregnated with grace and freshness by a subtle mint syrup. The prawns marinated in almond milk cheese and smoked trout roe confirm the natural purity and nuances integral to the philosophy. The terrine of duck foie gras with chocolate caramel, apple compote and banana chutney is jocular and perfectly balanced. The roast langoustines with coral juices, vegetable sprouts and coconut milk constitute another substantiation of brilliance, as does the sole in lemon-thyme oil infusion with roast tomato seeds, Jerusalem artichoke and pumpkin essence. The giant tuna belly is sublime, bursting with oils that mingle deliciously with an aïoli – a typical sauce is no laughing matter in this house.
And thus we could go on citing dishes until arriving to the desserts, which have also gained in importance and exquisiteness – especially the hazelnut ice cream over spice-bread biscotti and the apple tart with calvados cream cheese and tea gelatin.