Fungi-Perfumed Olive Oil… Elfos

Wild Fungi, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 42146 Cabrejas del Pinar (Soria)
Address: Pol. La Nava
(+34) 975373136
Price: 13 € for a 200 ml bottle

This company produces various oils perfumed with black and white truffles and fungi, among which we will consider the latter two, due to the quality and quantity of fragrances they provide, as well as the wild flavor they transmit. In the case of the fungi oil (boletus edulis), which is even better than that of the white truffle, the mushroom is expressed cleanly, even plainly, giving it a clear, earthy identity of forest, both enchanting and delicate.
The marvelous result of steeping porcini mushrooms in oil.

Little pieces of mushroom appear in the liquid, giving it an attractive visual aspect as well.