El Bulli
Chef: Ferran Adrià
Country: Spain
City: 17480 Roses
Address: Cala Montjoi, a 7 km. del centro urbano.

If, in comparison to other seasons, 2005 hasn’t been marked by a definitive theme for Ferran Adrià – for example the foams or hot gelatins of the past –, the featured technique of this year has been lyophilization. Once again, the genius of Roses takes his inspiration from the food industry to project the breadth of his imagination: unlimited and unique in culinary history. He does it proposing singular textures, diverse, that expose unprecedented tactile sensations in dry, savory cuisine. In this case, the author plays with the theme of one of his classics, a clean and pure forestal fragrance that he has used since his insolent, provocative era, when he introduced an ingredient hitherto unused in gastronomic circles: the green pinecone.
With this, he demonstrates the diversity of the flavor of the pinecone itself. He alters the intensity of the flavor, its consistency, and temperature. We find ourselves confronted with a palette of subtle tonalities within a single color – and color inspires the name of the dish. The green pinecone, after being submitted to the infusion, is transformed through “scientific” techniques into an ice cream, a frozen powder, a meringue and a dehydrated material. To such a monotone yet orchestral flavor, exciting counterpoints are applied, like coffee and licorice. For nature to continue expressing its splendor, for winter to give way to spring, a garden of micro-vegetables sprouts from the plate, germinating, flowering, insisting on nature and freshness. The dawn of a futuristic forest.

The Recipe