Rigatoni Vesuvio

Don Alfonso 1890
Chef: Alfonso y Ernesto Iaccarino
Country: Italy
City: 80064 Sant’Agata sui due Golfi (Nápoles)
Address: Corso Sant’Agata,11
(+39) 0818780026

This Iaccarino family recipe, one of the flagships of this legendary restaurant, fits entirely within the products and tastes of Italy. It is a recreation of a historic recipe that preserves all of the essence of the past, adapted to modern values. Even aesthetically, it remains academic—a timbale, inspired by the countryside in charismatic Vesuvio. The pasta, cooked masterfully, retains its identity in flavor and texture, even though it is served evenly and precisely imbued with its accompaniments. Among them the tomato sauce, a wonderful, succulent ragu whose liveliness stems from a myriad of ingredients. Other typical ingredients contribute to its magical exquisiteness: mozzarella and basil sauces, basil leaves and pork meatballs inside the timbale. A harmonious and wonderful succession of familiar flavors, each of them a part of the world of pasta and universally loved. It will be difficult—indeed, almost impossible—to express the region’s popular cultural heritage with such vitality.

The Recipe