The market in the plate

The market in the plate
Paco Morales
Chef: Paco Morales
Country: Spain
City: 46880 Bocairent (Valencia)
Address: Ctra.Ontenient-Villena, Km. 16.
(+34) 962355175

Paco Morales, one of the best cooks in Spain, might be considered as one of the top 10 chefs in the world. As the youngest number one on the planet, his future is immensely promising. His cuisine is very technical and conceptual regarding methods, but also very naturalistic, in the same line as René Repzepi’s (Noma), Andoni Luis Aduriz’s (Mugaritz), Josean M. Alija’s (Nerua) and Paolo Lopriore’s (Il Canto). His practice might be inspired by Michel Bras, who transformed nature, vegetables and herbs into a complete philosophy that brought him to the world leadership during the nineti...