Fried Artichoke with Pio Negro Jowl, Fresh Mushrooms, Crayfish and Toasted Almonds

Alcachofas Fritas con Papada, Hongos Frescos, Cigala y Almendras
Chef: Nicolás Ramírez
Country: Spain
City: 31300 Tafalla (Navarra)
Address: Plaza de Navarra, 4.

This restaurant represents the evolution of popular cuisine in Navarra. A statement that is at its height regarding the elements the local population is the proudest of: vegetables. The menu offers infinite recipes with diversified treatments of every main ingredient. Raw artichoke and red thistle salad, green beans or mange-tout, chicory, watercress, red chard and arugula,… as well as oysters, al dente, stewed with other winter vegetables like white thistle, borage, green beans or mange-tout, together with ham and vegetal velouté sauce. After being cooked at low temperature (vacuum-cook...