Raw and peeled shrimps, sardine broth and breadcrumbs

La Ereta
Chef: Dani Frías
Country: España
City: 03001 Alicante.
Address: Parque de la Ereta
(+34) 965143250.

Dani Frías ’s constructions are synonymous with naturality, refinement, lightness as well as emotional and aesthetic art. Pertinently delicate, harmonious and sensitive, his imaginative and wise compositions reproduce well-known flavours that have been clearly renewed. Ingredients from Alicante and popular recipes are the components of his recipes, characterized by an unequivocal style: regional creative haute cuisine. This is the case of the raw and peeled shrimps from Santa Pola –superb, brimming with sweetness and delight– accompanied by oceanic cockles, onion segments, sprouts...