Egg in phyllo dough with asparagus (2007)

Egg in phyllo dough with asparagus (2007)
Locanda della Tamerice
Chef: Igles Corelli
Country: Italy
City: 44020 Ostellato
Address: via Argine Mezzano 2,
(+39) 0533680795

Igles Corelli, along with Bruno Barbieri, was at the heart of the legendary Trigabolo di Argenta–one of the most famous restaurants in Italy in the 80s. After the Trigabolo adventure, which closed its doors in 1993, Igles started the Saperi e Sapori event (Knowledge and Flavors), and opened his own restaurant in the Po Delta, in Ostellato, between Ferrara and Comacchio. Communicative, enthusiastic, always willing to spread his knowledge, Igles Corelli divides his time between seminars, classes and the rings at Locanda.