Il Piastrino

Ensalada de alcachofas con mollejas de ternera a las hierbas aromaticas
Riccardo Agostini
Country: Italy
City: 61016 Pennabilli (Pu)
Address: Via Parco Begni, 5
(+39) 0541928106
Price: 50/100 €
Tasting menu:: 35/45 €

Riccardo and Claudia have made their love of the land and their dedication to quality of life their raisons d’être. To the point where they retired to a spot in the middle of the mountains, far from urban civilization, to open a restaurant that, the truth be told, is quite difficult to get to. With their effort, professional capacity and very reasonable prices they attract a clientele who, bite after bite, continue to exclaim the excellence of the cuisine and the charm of the establishment, which is located in an ancient and traditional building.