Green Chromatism 2010

Cromatismo Verde 2010
El Celler de Can Roca
Chef: Jordi Roca
Country: España
City: 17007 Girona.
Address: Ctra. Taiala, 40.

Let us repeat it just to be doubly sure: “Together with Martín Berasategui, Jordi Roca is by far the best confectioner in Spain. They both evolve at a higher level. They are the only chefs who are able to surpass themselves despite of obtaining more than a “A” in the ranking. Both of them won the Confectioner of the Year Award by this Guide (Martín deserved it twice and Joan is likely to conquer this honour again some day). An honour that is reinforced by several Dishes of the Year. This is the third one, after Trésor, de Lancôme, the very highest expression of the perfumes line, ...