El Celler de Can Roca
Chef: Jordi Roca
Country: España
City: 17007 Girona (Barcelona)
Address: Ctra. Taiala, 40
(+34) 972222157

Jordi Roca is, alongside Martín Berasategui, the finest pâtissier in Spain. By a large margin. They are simply on another level entirely. They are the only ones who, year after year, confirm their excellence, even capable of surpassing themselves in the process. We all know of the line that he began with the perfumes, starting a trend that still continues today. We all know of the numerous consecrated dishes, among which we must mention one: the Havana cigar. We all know what runs in his veins. The foie gras turrón with soy, a daring creation, even provocative, is a perfect testimony to ...