Don Giovanni

Terrina de galeras crudas con tomates confitados a los tres pestos
Pier Luigi di Diego
Country: Italy
City: 44100 Ferrara
Address: C.so Ercole I° D’Este, 1 (enfrente del Palazzo deg
(+39) 0532 2443363
Closed: Mondays and lunchtime
Price: 60/120 €
Tasting menu:: 35/55/65 €

In just a handful of years, Pier Luigi Di Diego and Marco Merighi’s establishment has found its spot in the sun, regardless of the fact that it is located in Ferrara, one of the constantly overcast capitals of northern Italy.

The restaurant is like a small candy shop with very few tables and an intimate and informal ambience.
When sitting down, a delicious doubt enters the guest’s mind: what is accompanying what here: the kitchen to the wine cellar, or vice versa?

Di Diego, the chef, comes from the Trigabolo school of cooking, which was a factory for talent in the early 80’s.