Cone of powdered chips with anchovies (2002)

Cone of powdered chips with anchovies (2002)
Comerç 24
Chef: Carles Abellan
Country: Spain
City: 08003 Barcelona
Address: Comerç, 24
(+34) 933192102

Carles Abellan was one of the chief components of Ferran Adrià’s team back in the day. First chef of the legendary restaurant Talaia in Barcelona – under the direction of chefs like Sergi Arola and Oriol Balaguer – then the Alquería in Sanlúcar la Mayor, Carles opened his own tapas restaurant a few years ago in the trendy neighborhood of Barcelona called the Born where he was an instant success, serving small portions of prêt-à-porter cuisine, like this cone of powdered potato chips with garlic anchovies.