Ostra de Florianopolis
Bella Masano
Country: Brasil
City: 01414-001 Sao Paulo
Address: R. Haddock Lobo, 807
(+5511) 3061-2859
Closed: December 24th and 25th
Price: 80/90 €
Tasting menu:: 53 €

The young Bella Masano, of Sicilian ancestry, captures the purity and delicacy of the sea in an utterly exquisite fashion. Excellent products with simple, traditional dressings. Nothing at all pretentious… pure, popular flavors that are highly satisfying. The nobility and authenticity is felt–a tangible entity, omnipresent. The Florianópolis oysters, from their own hatchery, beautiful and exultantly fresh, iodized and meaty, literally beg indulgence: the finest in the city. The mussels, aromatized with an abundant amount of parsley, shine in their simplicity.