Sardine skin with salted anchovy

Sardine skin with salted anchovy
Casa Marcial
Chef: Nacho Manzano
Country: España
City: 33549 Arriondas (Asturias)
Address: La Salgar, 10; 4 km. from the city center
(+34) 985840991

Nacho Manzano is one of the Spanish chefs with the greatest capacity for dictating a personal message, which, in general, has a thick Asturian accent. Who can blame him? He knows the goodness of the ingredients, the finest delicacies and products available from his region, and he stages them in current, relevant ways. Another virtue of the house is the mental clarity one senses here. He constructs with fluency, possessing an innate gift of good taste to convey refined, balanced flavors. All these qualities are given space in the following poem–an homage to the Bay of Biscay.