5 Sensi

Rabbit and foie gras ravioli with wild herbs
Morgan Pasqual
Country: Italy
City: Malo (Vicenza)
Address: Salida Piovene Rocchette, en la autopista Valdasti
(+39) 445607976
Closed: Saturdays lunchtime and Sundays
Price: 60 €
Tasting menu:: 45-55 €

When a cuisine lover sits down to the table, they may be looking for pleasures beyond those of the palate.
Olfactory, visual, audio, even tactile sensations, exalted in the world of so-called “finger foods,” can amplify the pleasure of a multisensory experience. Since we are on the subject of the 5 Senses, someone came up with the idea to dedicate a restaurant to them, the “5 Sensi,” in Malo, in the heart of the Veneto region. Morgan Pasqual is a chef bursting with well-tempered creativity.