“Polenta concia” with mushrooms and Toma cheese fondue

Polenta concia con setas y fondue de queso Toma
Dolce Stil Novo
Chef: Alfredo Russo
Country: Italia
City: Turín
Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 4
(+39) 011 499 2343

An elegant and refined version of a classic Italian dish in the alpine Piedmont tradition. Alfredo Russo gives form, order and style to this preparation, rustic in origin and aspect: a mushroom cream topped with crispy pieces of truffle and mushroom, covered with a delicate fondue foam made from Toma di Lanzo cheese. A thin disc of polenta crowns the ensemble. The dish is served just warm to better appreciate not just its lightness but also the pure, precise flavor and aroma of the mushrooms as well as the textures, which are balanced with the polenta and the creaminess of the fondue. It is...