Lomitos de anchoa apenas marinados dispuestos como un rulo relleno de un cremos
Javier García
Nazionalita: Spain
Localita: 48340 Amorebieta (Vizcaya)
Indirizzo: Barrio de Boroa. Caserío Garay, 11
(+34) 946734747
Chiusura:: Sunday night, from 29 December to 15 January and the last two weeks in August
Prezzo: 45/90 €
Menu di degustazione: 30 y 58 €

 We said it ad nauseam: after forging itself for about ten years, this house has become one of the most attractive restaurants in Spain. An intelligent, solid, elegant, evolutionary and effective cuisine that is synonymous with tremendous intellectual and carnal pleasure for the general public, regardless of tastes and ages. Constant progress, permanent guarantee, dynamism and perfection. In short, a farmhouse that offers better and more interesting proposals over the years.
The most successful dish –commercially speaking– is the talented, technical, complex and spectacular foie gras balls perfumed with Sauternes wine, served with hints of chopped popcorns, arranged on apple purée and on chocolate flakes with spices; fabulous. The next dish in the ranking is the very academic –conceptually speaking– free-range egg cooked at low temperature, sculpturally stuffed in a mashed potatoes purée and reconstructed like a turned and filled potato, surrounded with baby peas, St. George’s mushrooms and glazed belly pork, among other accompaniments. The roasted veal sweetbread with mushrooms and egg yolk coated with breadcrumbs lain onto dried fruits, and the hamburger of T-bone steak from Berriz with potatoes cone and cream of Carranzaza cheese are other timeless consecrated values.
Among the latest proposals is the freshly made Club Ranero cod salad –slices of the animal mixed with a vegetable brunoise wrapped into gelatinized vizcaina sauce (tomato, garlic, onions, peppers, …)– covered by a pil-pil dressing that unifies both sauces: a combination between genius and ancestral flavours. The briefly marinated anchovy filets presented like a roll filled with creamy salty products together with an olive and tomato leaves baba and water melon is another very substantial construction that evokes historical memory. The new season’s vegetables (beans, asparagus, tomato, carrot, cauliflower, brocoli, white beans, etc.), sautéed with foie gras and wrapped into carrot bread, are full of naturality and lightness; exulting. The hake cheeks with pil-pil, clams and peas confirm the product’s majesty and its impeccable treatment. And the pigeon breast with royale made with its legs, proposed with foie gras and apple millefeuille is another demonstration of the culinary background of the house.
Asun Ibarrondo –dining room– and Javier García ¬–kitchen– have plenty of reasons to feel happy.