Abadia San Campio 08

Abadia San Campio  08
Bodegas Terras Gauda, S.A.

Type: Blanco
Pays: Espagne
Région: Rias Baixas
Localité: 36760 O Rosal (Pontevedra)
Adresse: Ctra. Tui-A Guarda, km. 55
(34) 986621001
Année de création: 1990
Production (bouteilles): 1.200.000
Surface de vignoble (Ha): 87
Marques: Abadia San Campio, Terras Gauda y Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra.
Prix à la carte: 9 €

This albariño has made enormous leaps forward in recent harvests, demonstrating greater aromatic power, more body and a fuller character – gaining in both importance and finish, it emulates Terras Gauda which has been included in this guide since its inception.

Extraordinarily fragrant and complex, the characteristics of the very ripe fruit give the wine an involving, almost honey-like personality that pairs with aromas of bone and a light acidity which affords it a pleasant and lasting freshness. It triggers subtle remembrances of dreams without being clearly identifiable. The palate confirms its sincerity, fruitiness and the grape itself – unmistakably albariño – together with faint sour notes and a certain hint of bitterness.