Roasted Cucumber With Rice And Mollusk Broth

Chef: Isaac Salaberria
Country: Spain
City: 20120 Hernani (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Ctra. de Goizueta, 68. Barrio Ereñozu
(+34) 943550031

Many wonderful things can be said about this dish. It is quite possibly the best cucumber recipe we have tried, ever, or at least in a very long time since we can’t remember a better one. The sublimation of a vegetable, it demonstrates its sapid, textural splendor – immaculate in both senses. The cucumber is tasted and chewed – the simpler the better. A minimalist, modest dish, bursting with talent, supported only by the grandeur of a risotto, also of cucumber, which professes such a singular flavor and texture, along with the cucumber, it combines to produce a firm, al dente experience on the palate. The dish is finished with a mollusk fumet enriched with chicken stock that imparts a natural, healthy, flavorful and, above all, clean taste to the ensemble – destined for open-minded people and those who tolerate sumptuousness.

The Recipe