Ricotta, Spinach And Egg Yolk Raviolone

Da Vittorio
Chef: Enrico y Roberto Cerea
Country: Italy
City: 24060 Brusaporto
Address: Via Cantalupa

Chefs should always keep in mind that the artistic worth of a dish should be complementary to its virtuosity and to the pleasure that it produces. The Cerea brothers do just that with this formula, a dish that confirms their style of progressive classicism. The traditional raviolone pasta is translucent, with a delicate consistency and flavor. It is filled with a savory, historical combination: ricotta enriched by a high percentage of pureed spinach. They finish the work by adding an egg yolk, liquid and hot, that brings a surprising visual aspect to the dish, converting the ensemble into a flowing golden sauce after it bursts. The yolk accentuates the creaminess of the dish, even creating a charming excess of creaminess, as well as delicacy thanks to the quality of the product and the perfect execution that it receives.

The Recipe