Oysters with fennel-saffron lentils

Chef: Hilario Arbelaitz
Country: Spain
City: 20180 Oiartzun (Guipúzcoa)
Address: B. Iturriotz. Beheko Zoro Plaza, 1.
(+34) 943491228

Hilario Arbelaitz is passionate about oysters. They have always had clever recipes in which their rawness is presented in two ways, cold and warm; this preserves the nature and texture of the shellfish, which at a warm temperature augments its flavor without ever transforming the idiosyncrasies in flavor and texture of the product in pure state.

If the tepid oysters with green apple gelatin enraptured us before, this dish, included in the tasting menu of the restaurant, has truly tickled our fancy, responding fully to the philosophy of this distinguished establishment. Pure oceanic, iodized flavor, wrapped up in diverse sensations: Puy lentils, al dente, served with an array of vegetables in brunoise that are quickly sautéed, and an original, balanced sauce with fennel, saffron and soy, aromas that give the dish a measured, exotic touch.

The Recipe