Warm grilled Bresse pigeon liver mousse with legumes, seeds, berries and sprouts

Cremosa Tibieza de hígados de pichón de Bresse a las brasas con legumbres, semil
Quique Dacosta Restaurante
Chef: Quique Dacosta
Country: España
City: 03700 Dénia (Alicante)
Address: Las Marinas, km. 3
(+34) 965784179

After winning Chef of the Year in 2001, Quique Dacosta has reached, on his thirtieth birthday, two milestones in his professional career: the award and the fact that two of his creations merit inclusion in Dishes of the Year. His evolution, the constant progress that has been evident in his work for a long time, has culminated in a qualitative leap that places him among the very great. Once again—and to make it very clear—he is now a member of the culinary elite.

At the suggestion of the Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía Congress, which proposed the idea to all of the chefs featured in...