Poached Lamb Loin With Curry, Sauteed With Roasted Lime

Lomo de Cordero Pochado Con Curry y Salteado Con Salsa De Lima Asada
Chef: Gerhard Schwaiger
Country: España
City: 07081 Portals Nous (Mallorca).
Address: Puerto Portals, local 1.

Gerhard Schwaiger shines in situations where the magnitude of the main ingredient, the technique used in its preparation and the sauce become the true worth of the dish. This is such an example: the poached lamb loin with curry stock, sautéed with roasted lime sauce. The ingredients are superb, the preparation impeccable, and the result is exquisite and complex. The meat preserves its natural flavors and juiciness entirely, demonstrating its exquisite character, and the sauce is exciting in its abundance of fragrances and contrasts, well spiced and refreshing.