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Tallarines de yema de huevo
Elide Mollo
Country: Italy
City: 12040 Priocca D´Alba (CN)
Address: Via Umberto I , 5
(+39) 0173616112
Closed: Tuesdays and for two weeks in July
Price: 50/90 €
Tasting menu:: 43 €

Elide Mollo is a delicate, sensible, immaculate, neat chef who expresses herself naturally and simply. Little or no originality or sophistication, plenty of exquisite flavor. She executes with angelic perfection such simple dishes as battered and fried acacia flowers served with a brushing of honey. She successfully stands out in something so elemental as cured anchovies, meticulously selected, served with half a roast pepper, perfumed with the proverbial touch of renowned Nember oil, valued at €60 per deciliter.